“Yara” as name has various meanings in myth and language:
a warrior, a woman, a wound, a lover-
a cretaure of the river & godess of waters.

“Yara Mar” used to be my  name as an erotic dancer on stage.
During the years  ”Yara Mar ” became a project,
focused on photography (YaraMar Productions) and  Pole&Performance Coaching-
including documentary photography, portraits, videoworks and photozines.

Pole Poetics is a Pole Dance teaching concept based on Pole Dance,
bodywork and transformative bodycoaching.
Transformative dance art offers a possibility for every woman
who wants to express herself in a uncircumscribed  way.

“…the dancer universalizes her experience,
all that she goes through
is also felt and experienced by the spectator.”
( Srimati Balasaraswati,Traditional Devadasi Sadir-Sacred Temple Dance of South India)