“Yara” as name has various meanings , it connects diverse images in myth and language:
a warrior, a woman, a wound, a lover-cretaure of the river & godess of waters.
For the dancer Yara movement is the bearer of meaning,
signified by a “confessional demeanour”, a way to take the inside to the outside

-I am physical
I am emotional
And this is personal-
my “Holy prostitution of the Soul”(Charles Baudelaire, Crowds)

…creating a connection between dancer and spectator- entailing a gaze that is beyond projections of exhibitionism and voyeurism. The dancer and spectator can merge within the dancing, dissolving lines and thus enter a mutual world of imagination and feelings. An essential closeness between dancer and spectator,the world beneath,above and beyond can come into being- a certain “feeling” arousing of sensual same as visual pleasure of erotic aesthetics and its poetic essence.

” Flesh creates in the way the spirit creates…lust is a force.”
(Futurist Manifesto of Lust,  Valentine de Saint-Point,
11. January 1913)