“Yara” as name has various meanings in myth and language:
a warrior, a woman, a wound, a lover-a cretaure of the river & godess of waters.

For a dancer movement and the eyes
are the bearer of meaning-
a way to feel deep inside and bring it to the outside

“Holy prostitution of the Soul”
(Charles Baudelaire, Crowds)

with a gaze beyond exhibitionism and voyeurism,
where dancer and spectator are melt together  in a feeling
of sensual same as visual pleasure

 “…the dancer universalizes her experience,
all that she goes through
is also felt and experienced by the spectator.”
( Srimati Balasaraswati,Traditional Devadasi Sadir-Sacred Temple Dance of South India)

within, a certain kind of energy.

” Flesh creates in the way the spirit creates…
lust is a force.”
(Futurist Manifesto of Lust,  Valentine de Saint-Point,
11. January 1913)